A Newbies guide to Lucid Air and Tesla Model S

There has been quite a buzz from time to time about the Tesla’s boom in the Automotive segment with their unique line of Electric Cars. One such incident happens to be he launch of Tesla Model S which has been a flagship model of the company. Since the launch of Tesla, many of the pioneers in the Automotive Industry have tried their chance at the booming Electric car segment. Ford, Honda, GM and many others have come up with their own flagship vehicles to compete in the ever competitive market. A brand new edition to this ring, is the Lucid Air, which is giving Tesla Model S, a run for its money. This little boy is going neck to neck with it’s Tesla counterpart and smashing it in some key areas. It’s now time to compare them and make a verdict!!


The main advantage for the Lucid Air’s rise to fame, was it’s exceptional driving range, with around 520-mile EPA range on a single-charge. This beats the Tesla Mode S considerably as the it offers 405 miles of range, which was, until now, considered a gold standard. Even the entry-models of Lucid Air, has a remarkable range of 4511 miles, which shows the commitment that has gone into the development of this beast.  

Lucid Air Grand Touring edition
Lucid Air Grand Touring edition

The Lucid Ai is one of the very few electric cars in the market that have the capability to use the maximum 350 kW rate charging systems available at fast charging stations. When compared to the Tesla, Model S charges at a maximum rate of 250 kW. This clearly verdicts a win in the favor of Air, due to its range, fast charging and exceptional efficiency.


Both Model S and Air are branded as high performing sports car like capabilities, with seat gripping acceleration profiles and control dynamics. The Model S Plaid records 0-60mph in 2.3 seconds whereas the Air Dream Edition is capable of clocking 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds. The Model S has better control dynamics when it comes to handling, and we can safely tell that both the beasts offer exceptional power profiles for the performance freaks out there.

The Tesla Model S is a battery-powered liftback car serving as the flagship model of Tesla, Inc.
The Tesla Model S is a battery-powered liftback car serving as the flagship model of Tesla, Inc.


Tesla Model S Interiors with yoke steering wheel.
Tesla Model S Interiors with yoke steering wheel.

Tesla has always been a risk taker, and the Model S Plaid’s contentious steering yoke is perhaps its biggest bet. But there’s also the company’s decision to replace traditional column stalks with touch-sensitive buttons, which makes simple commands more distracting while driving.

Lucid Air Interior
Lucid Air Interior

The Lucid has significant flaws in this area as well. Since Edmunds purchased a 2022 Air Grand Touring for a yearlong evaluation, staff members have emphasized the Air’s multi-touchscreen instrument and entertainment system’s sometimes painfully slow responses. The Edmunds team also encountered issues with the Air’s advanced safety features, such as sluggish blind-spot cameras and an adaptive cruise control system that required a reboot to function properly. Fortunately, the Air, like the Model S, can receive over-the-air software updates, so hopefully some of these bugs will be fixed in the future.


These two sedans are priced at the top of the EV price range. Though the Lucid Air has a nominal starting price of around $87,400, that model isn’t yet available, so it’s very easy to exceed six figures. The Dream Edition, for example, is priced at $170,500. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model S now starts around $105,000 and costs slightly more than $137,000 for the ultra-high-performance Plaid trim.

Both cars have a history of poor build quality, so you can expect at least a few flaws with either sedan. Both Tesla and Lucid provide four years/50,000 miles of basic coverage, but Tesla’s powertrain warranty is slightly better at eight years/150,000 miles for the powertrain and battery. Lucid, on the other hand, provides three years of free fast charging at Electrify America stations. Both vehicles will drain your bank account, but the Model S Plaid is less expensive and provides acceleration that few vehicles in the world can match, making it a relative bargain.

The Lucid Air is a commendable first effort from a new automaker, thanks in large part to its Tesla-beating range, otherworldly acceleration, and eye-catching exterior design. For the time being, the Model S has a slight advantage, but if Lucid can work through its teething problems, it could end Tesla’s reign.



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