Competitors for the ages: Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi

The Ballon D’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year

The majority of the major award ceremonies have already taken place as the year comes to a finish. It is hardly shocking that Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona won the Ballon d’Or. With FIFA Club World Club still to be played, the little winger and his colleagues came close to winning it all.

Not only did Messi win the prized accolade, but also defeated Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, who had won it the year before, by a record margin.

The FIFA World Player of the Year, which is due later this month, should be picked up by Little Lionel as well. Once more, Messi steps in for Ronaldo as the beneficiary.

Lionel Messi On Cristiano Ronaldo: 'People Think The Rivalry Goes Beyond Football, But It Doesn't
Lionel Messi On Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘People Think The Rivalry Goes Beyond Football, But It Doesn’t

Since 2007 both Messi and Ronaldo have been stalwarts in the top three for both trophies. which is a fantastic accomplishment in and of itself. For example, Ronaldinho, a former colleague of Messi’s, abruptly lost interest after the 2005–2006 season and hasn’t appeared on either shortlist or in the top three since.

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

There isn’t a rivalry more hot and passionate than between the Blaugrana and Los Blancos, and being a player for either team instantly makes those two “enemies.”

They compete with one another for the top rank, much like their wildly popular staff. Both of these teams hunger for domination both domestically and abroad. This ongoing rivalry has just taken on new dimensions as a result of Real Madrid’s highly publicized signing of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s rivalry with Lionel Messi was confined to the Champions League and award ceremonies before to joining Los Merengues. Since CR9 has joined Real Madrid, he will now face off against Messi every week in La Liga. Not a single week goes by without one of them making the cover of a football publication.

Do you recall the Champions League Final from 2008–2009? The media inflated the match to a fight between Messi and Ronaldo. FC Barcelona won the game 2-0, but if you had listened to the news afterward, you may have believed that Messi had won by knockout in a boxing bout.

The Future

The rivalry between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will undoubtedly last for many years. They both represent FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, two of the arguably best teams in the world. They have a platform to compete both nationally and internationally thanks to their teams. Football ideologies aren’t the only difference between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid: Canteranos vs. Galacticos. Additionally, Messi vs. Ronaldo has emerged.

The fact that they are both still quite young and could not have hit their peak yet is alarming. The biggest football clubs in the world are those that Messi and Ronaldo represent. This rivalry is well-known and already the fiercest in football worldwide. They play in the same league, contend for the same awards and trophies, and, more importantly, are roughly the same age.

Although Pele vs. Maradona was entertaining, the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo may rank as football’s greatest. In the upcoming years, expect Messi and Ronaldo to win numerous titles and honors.



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