Facebook Messenger Ads: How to Generate Revenue with Sponsored Messages

Facebook Messenger has become an essential tool for businesses to communicate with customers. With over 1.3 billion active users, Facebook Messenger provides an enormous opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience and generate revenue. One way businesses can use Facebook Messenger to generate revenue is through sponsored messages. we’ll discuss what sponsored messages are, how to create them, and how to use them to generate revenue.

What are Sponsored Messages on Facebook Messenger?

Sponsored messages are targeted ads that are sent directly to users’ Facebook Messenger inboxes. These ads can only be sent to users who have previously engaged with your business on Facebook Messenger, such as those who have sent your business a message, clicked on your ad, or interacted with your bot. Sponsored messages can include a variety of content, such as text, images, videos, and calls-to-action. They can be used to promote a new product, offer a discount, provide customer support, or drive traffic to your website.

How to Create Sponsored Messages on Facebook Messenger

To create sponsored messages on Facebook Messenger, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Facebook Page and Connect it to a Facebook Ads Account

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a Facebook Page for your business and connect it to a Facebook Ads account. This will allow you to create and manage your sponsored messages.

Step 2: Create a Custom Audience

Next, you’ll need to create a custom audience of users who have previously engaged with your business on Facebook Messenger. This can include users who have sent your business a message, clicked on your ad, or interacted with your bot. To create a custom audience, go to the Facebook Ads Manager and select “Custom Audience” from the “Audiences” tab. Then, select “Engagement” and choose “Facebook Page” as the source. From there, you can select the specific actions that users have taken on your Facebook Page.

Step 3: Create Your Sponsored Message

Once you’ve created your custom audience, you can create your sponsored message. To do this, go to the Facebook Ads Manager and select “Messages” from the “Ad Formats” tab. From there, you can choose the custom audience you created in Step 2, select the format of your sponsored message, and create your ad copy, image or video, and call-to-action. You can also choose to include a quick reply, which allows users to easily respond to your message with a pre-written response.

Step 4: Set Your Ad Budget and Schedule

Once you’ve created your sponsored message, you’ll need to set your ad budget and schedule. You can choose to set a daily or lifetime budget and specify the dates and times you want your ad to run.

Step 5: Launch Your Sponsored Message

Once you’ve set your ad budget and schedule, you can launch your sponsored message. Your message will be sent directly to users’ Facebook Messenger inboxes, and you’ll be able to track its performance in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Tips for Generating Revenue with Sponsored Messages on Facebook Messenger

Now that you know how to create sponsored messages on Facebook Messenger, here are some tips for generating revenue with this advertising format:

  1. Segment Your Audience

To maximize the effectiveness of your sponsored messages, you should segment your audience based on their interests, behaviors, and demographics. By creating targeted messages for specific segments of your audience, you can increase the relevance of your ads and improve their performance.

  1. Personalize Your Messages

Personalization is key to generating revenue with sponsored messages on Facebook Messenger. Use the recipient’s name and personalize your message based on their previous interactions with your business. This will make your message more engaging and increase the likelihood that the recipient will take the desired action.

  1. Provide Value

Don’t just use sponsored messages to promote your products or services. Instead, provide value to your audience by offering helpful information, tips, or resources. This will establish your business as an authority in your industry and build trust with your audience.

  1. Use a Clear Call-to-Action

Your sponsored message should include a clear call-to-action that tells the recipient what you want them to do. Whether it’s to make a purchase, sign up for a free trial, or visit your website, make sure your call-to-action is clear and compelling.

  1. Test and Iterate

Like any advertising campaign, it’s important to test and iterate your sponsored messages to improve their performance. Test different ad copy, images, and calls-to-action to see what resonates best with your audience. Use the data from your ad performance to make informed decisions about how to optimize your campaigns.


Sponsored messages on Facebook Messenger can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to generate revenue. By creating personalized messages for users who have previously engaged with your business on Messenger, you can promote your products or services, provide value to your audience, and drive sales. By following the steps outlined in this post and implementing the tips we’ve provided, you can create effective sponsored message campaigns and take advantage of the enormous potential of Facebook Messenger for your business.



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