Five facts about Albert Einstein that you probably didn’t know

What you likely already know is this: The Theory of Relativity and E=mc2 were the brainchild of Albert Einstein. What you probably weren’t taught in school is as follows: The Nobel laureate was a violin-playing womaniser who failed the admission tests for universities. The casual fan of Einstein might be surprised by these five facts about him.

Albert Einstein
  1. According to Einstein’s letters, it is evident that during his turbulent relationship with Mileva Mari, a classmate whom he later married and had children with, the young Albert was still dating Marie Winteler. Before their divorce, however, Einstein had an affair with his cousin Elsa, who would later become his second wife.

    According to Biller, “He had extramarital affairs while married to Elsa and ultimately came to an accord where affairs were part of their marital arrangement.” “Einstein had a highly active sex life with fascinating women and had quite unusual beliefs about monogamy and marriage.”

  2. When Einstein was a teenager, his parents and sister travelled to Italy to take care of his father’s budding business while they left him behind to finish school in Germany. However, Einstein detested his school, so, according to Genius, he asked a family friend who was a doctor to give him a medical discharge from school.

    He unexpectedly appeared at his parents’ doorsteps and declared, “I’m never going back to Germany,” according to Biller. Einstein didn’t just disregard his father’s requests then. After all, Albert’s father preferred that he become an engineer.

  3. Einstein was a science prodigy, but not in every field. Genius recalls that when Einstein applied to study at Zurich Polytechnic, he failed his tests in literature, politics, and French. Later, Einstein passed the examinations again, but he wasn’t a model student; he once blew up a lab during an experiment and had little patience for memorization.

    He eventually succeeded in passing all of his examinations and earning his degree, but several professors wanted him expelled for his irresponsible actions, according to Biller.

  4. Due to his Jewish heritage and the fact that he had lived in Berlin during World War I, when Germans were not permitted in Brussels’ Solvay Conferences, Einstein was not asked to participate in scientific gatherings after becoming a teacher and physicist.

    Before the start of World War II, when Einstein made the decision to leave Germany and the anti-Semitism that was growing there, he struggled to obtain a visa due to claims that he was a Communist.According to Biller, “It is true that the FBI under (J. Edgar) Hoover retained a dossier on Einstein and for many years investigated and surveilled Einstein.” We make quite reasonable assumptions about why Einstein took the actions he did to obtain that visa.

  5. Because “by many accounts, he was quite proficient at playing,” claims Biller, Einstein is depicted in the television series Genius playing the violin flawlessly. He claimed that he might have been a musician if he hadn’t become a physicist.


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