How to create and sell stock footage or video clips to websites

If you have a passion for videography and filmmaking, creating and selling stock footage can be a great way to monetize your skills and creativity. With the increasing demand for video content in various industries, selling stock footage has become a popular way for videographers to earn a steady income. we’ll explore the steps you can take to create and sell stock footage to websites.

Step 1:

Plan your footage Before you start filming, it’s essential to plan out your footage. This means researching popular themes and topics in the stock footage industry and identifying gaps in the market. Think about what type of footage you want to create, such as landscapes, wildlife, lifestyle, or technology, and what format you want to shoot in, such as 4K or HD. You should also consider the duration of your footage and whether you want to shoot with a specific aspect ratio in mind, such as 16:9 or 4:3.

Step 2:

Film your footage Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to start filming your footage. Make sure you use high-quality equipment and have a steady hand to capture smooth footage. Consider using a tripod or stabilizer to keep your shots steady and avoid shaky footage. Remember to shoot a variety of angles and compositions to give buyers more options to choose from. For example, if you’re shooting a landscape, consider filming wide shots, medium shots, and close-ups to capture different details and perspectives.

Step 3:

Edit your footage After filming, you’ll need to edit your footage to create a final product that is ready for sale. This involves cutting and arranging your footage into a cohesive sequence, adding transitions and effects, and color grading your footage to give it a professional look. You can use editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to edit your footage.

Step 4:

Add Metadata Adding metadata is essential to ensure that your footage is discoverable by potential buyers. Metadata refers to the descriptive information that accompanies your footage, such as keywords, titles, and descriptions. This information helps search engines and buyers find your footage when they are looking for specific types of content. Make sure to include relevant and accurate keywords that describe your footage, as well as a compelling title and description that will catch buyers’ attention.

Step 5:

Choose a Stock Footage Website There are many stock footage websites to choose from, including Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Pond5. Each website has its own pricing and licensing structure, so it’s important to research and compare different options to find the best fit for your needs. Consider factors such as commission rates, exclusivity agreements, and the size of the website’s customer base.

Step 6:

Upload Your Footage Once you have chosen a stock footage website, you can upload your footage to the platform. Make sure to follow the website’s guidelines for file types, resolution, and metadata. Some websites may also require you to pass a quality control test to ensure that your footage meets their standards. After uploading, your footage will be reviewed by the website’s team and made available for purchase to buyers.

Step 7:

Promote Your Footage While stock footage websites will promote your footage to buyers, it’s also important to promote your work independently to increase visibility and sales. You can do this by sharing your footage on social media, creating a website or portfolio to showcase your work, and networking with potential buyers and industry professionals.


Creating and selling stock footage can be a lucrative and rewarding way to monetize your videography skills. By following these steps and producing high-quality footage that meets the needs of buyers, you can build a successful business selling your work to stock footage websites. Remember to continuously refine your skills and keep up with industry trends.



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