Top Electric vehicles have hit the market.

Porsche Taycan

This is Porsche’s first fully electric car, presented in 2015 with the Mission E Concept.

The Taycan is fun to drive and cruise, the GT is the heart of a sports car and more imp more importantly, and it’s a proper Porsche that just happens to run on electricity. Let’s sort some things out first. Despite Porsche’s tremendous engineering efforts to push electric car technology forward, the Taycan is still an electric car, as we tried to explain earlier. In other words, there are still limits. That means range (280 miles with a turbo if you drive like a learner driver), charging time (5 to 80 per cent in 22.5 minutes if you can find one of the comparatively few DC chargers in Europe capable of delivering 270KW) and weight (2.3 tons). ). Stefan Weckbach, head of delivery for the Taycan, predicts that the widespread use of solid-state batteries will allow him to buy a Taycan 400 kg lighter in the next few years with the same performance and range. The Taycan is currently pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Exclusive design, impressive performance and amazing range. Discover the all-electric sports car from Porsche, the Taycan 2023, here.
Exclusive design, impressive performance and amazing range. Discover the all-electric sports car from Porsche, the Taycan 2023, here.

Verdict !!

“The first electric car in Stuttgart is a real Porsche. It is very fast, easy to drive, charges quickly and is suitable for daily use. ”

Really, this is great news for those who like fast cars. Like it or not, electric cars are here, with better performance, range and handling balance. Porsche has not hesitated to go electrified, with the Taycan Cross Turismo Station adding to its lineup while his wagon and slightly slimmer Taycan Sport Turismo are expected to see an all-electric Macan in 2023. suitable for In addition to successors to the Boxster and Cayman, electric versions of the Cayenne and Panamera are also planned. As for the Taycan you want, a regular rear-wheel drive car is probably the Taycan’s sweet spot.

Tesla Model 3

“The Model 3 is Top Gear’s 2019 Sedan of the Year, beating out the old guard and continuing to lead new EV competitors. It’s not without its flaws, but it’s one of the most interesting and attractive cars on the planet right now.

The Tesla Model 3 is a rear-wheel or four-wheel car and has a touchscreen inside. Sure, it’s purely electric, but it hardly sounds like a verified big deal. But the Tesla Model 3 is the most important big deal of the 21st century. 1. This is Tesla’s long-awaited affordable entry-level car that rivals bestsellers such as the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class, not to mention the slow-moving EV. And thanks to Tesla’s viral notoriety and ambitions to power the car, the Model 3 has become a phenomenon. It sits below the Model S sedan and starts at £40,990 in standard Range Plus trim, which gives it rear-wheel drive and a claimed 278 miles between a visit to a public supercharger or wallbox at home. cruising range is obtained.

Model 3 is designed for electric-powered performance, with quick acceleration, long range and fast charging.

Verdict !!
Everything tesla has done up to this point to built towards the model 3 is being worth!!

Compared to its competitors, Tesla has always been fast, efficient and the happiest company to rely on the random charging ecosystem. Even the base version with only a single rear engine and chill/sport acceleration setting makes 235bhp, 60mph faster than the £55,000 Jaguar F-Type. Angry Frog’s styling isn’t for everyone, but the interior is a true love-hate relationship and his driving dynamics aren’t all that memorable. Model 3 has become a global standard-setter for electric vehicles. This is the future we promised. A car with emotion, humor and a fresh take on old standards. Your old Repmobil will feel positive Brunelian after trying it. The Model 3 is Top Gear’s 2019 Sedan of the Year, beating out old guards and continuing to lead new EV competitors. It’s been in production since mid-2017 and is entering mid-life, but there’s nothing on the market that beats the Model 3 in every way. He is one of the most interesting and attractive cars in the world right now.

Hyundai IONIQ 5

The first vehicles in Hyundai’s new all-electric vehicle family – the smaller Ioniq 3 and 4 and the larger Ioniq 6 – are expected to be the treasure troves of the times. And if that first attempt is anything to go by, expect these to be very good machines. Hyundai is now confident to launch a car that looks as bold as the Ionic 5. But behind that retro XXL hot hatch body lies one of the most complete family EVs money can buy. If Hyundai can maintain momentum behind future members of the Ioniq family.

This is by far the biggest eye-catcher among electric vehicles today. No fake grills. Only the smallest motif “leaks” from the front fascia. The frown on the front looks purposeful, the folded sides are bold, and the LED-decorated back is pure Pixar movie robot. It’s a great car design like a DeLorean hot-his hatch combined with Blade-his Runner props, but able to achieve the goals of aerodynamics and pedestrian safety.

With a 350 kW charger, IONIQ 5 can charge from 10 percent to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. IONIQ 5 users only need to charge the vehicle for five minutes
With a 350 kW charger, IONIQ 5 can charge from 10 percent to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. IONIQ 5 users only need to charge the vehicle for five minutes

Verdict !!

“A stunning-looking all-electric crossover that blurs boundaries, challenges the status quo, and covets Korean hatchbacks.”

Assuming that people are more likely to move to owning electric vehicles if cars are desirable as a thing and as an experience, there is more to life than the soft, non-aggressive approach of the European players. There is something By betting on having one, Hyundai has one of its own. The entry-level Ioniq 5 is priced at £36,995. The only powertrain option is a 168 hp rear he motor with a 58 kWh battery that allows for 238 miles of range. If you choose the £39,000 mid-level trim level, you can choose a 73kWh battery (which extends the range to 298 miles). Output is also increased to 215 horsepower. Or put the second motor in front and go all out, reducing the cruising range he by 10%, in 5.2 seconds he can accelerate to 0-100km / h with over 300hp. Of course, I said the same thing about BMW’s intrepid i3, but that hardly fits as a business case. Here, beyond the pre-order hype, Hyundai has plans here. The future of reasonably interesting family cars may depend on it.

Audi e-tron GT

A little more comfort and space, a little less speed, but the difference is negligible. Depending on which brand you prefer and which body you prefer, the e-tron GT will really roar in Stuttgart.

Audi e-tron GT, sister car of Porsche Taycan. It’s based on the same VW Group J1 platform, has a very sharp suit, but uses pretty much the same technology. Of course, this is not Audi’s first fully electric car. This title applies to the ever-expanding range of e-tron SUVs, but is arguably the most exciting. At least initially, the e-tron GT has two versions of him. The “beginner” e-tron GT quattro and the serious RS e-tron GT. Yes, this is also the first electric Audi with the RS emblem. Both have four-wheel drive motors on both ends, and the rear axle has the same two-speed gearbox as the Taycan, which not only maximizes acceleration from the start, but also improves efficiency at high speeds. Both boast 93 kWh – battery standard – no short-range 79 kWh or rear-wheel drive options like the Taycan here.

The power delivery that the Audi RS e-tron GT offers with its fully electric quattro all-wheel drive is impressive.
The power delivery that the Audi RS e-tron GT offers with its fully electric quattro all-wheel drive is impressive.


“A handsome four-door GT that puts a racy twist on Audi’s strengths.”

The real strength of the e-tron GT is that it doesn’t try too hard to be the car of the future. It’s a truly handsome four-door GT that demonstrates Audi’s strengths: quality interior, comfort and ease of use, and blistering speed that more than deserves the RS badge. An electric powertrain also fits the brand’s claim as a technology leader. In other words, nothing makes a bigger fuss than when Porsche embraced the Taycan. In a world where Tesla claims the latest Tesla Model S has a range of 400 miles, and even his 500, Audi’s his 300, regardless of whether you need to travel long distances on a regular basis. Mileage range will still be the limiting factor. or not. But it shouldn’t be. Because this is a very impressive car.
Great acceleration on rocker while still being comfortable enough for everyday riding. A practical 4-door with a sophisticated and beautiful look. It’s a small sacrifice when the only sacrifice to accessing all your talent is carefully planning road trip routes that involve rapid charging.

Honda e

“It was the Urban EV concept that became a legend, a legend that became a prototype, and the prototype that became the most stylish and desirable car since the Suzuki Jimny. It is Honda’s first mass-market pure electric vehicle. With Honda’s love of handling and a configurable driving experience, you’ll enjoy a ‘right’ ride and, if you have room in the battery, you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Honda e is not cheap. Honda has kept the dimensions and battery at 35.5 kWh for the compact He, but prices start at £26,160 for the base model, which is particularly expensive, and go up to £28,660 for the more powerful, high-spec Advance model. Both included his £3,500 subsidy from the government. As such, Honda has not withheld any technology to justify a price tag that outstrips the much larger VW ID3.

Light and space. The Honda e is a compact electric urban car designed to be spacious inside.
Light and space. The Honda e is a compact electric urban car designed to be spacious inside.


“Honda’s first electric car is incredibly cute, beautifully designed, and chock-full of tech…but you’re going to pay for it.”

Whichever version you choose, the Honda e has two obvious drawbacks. It has a limited range and a high price. Honda is rolling the dice for what I call the “Suzuki Jimny Syndrome.” To be fair, Honda doesn’t hold back on its 137-mile range, calling it a conscious decision to spend money on technology and only equip a car of this size with a battery that fits. The truth is, we all want to increase the range of our electric vehicles, but let’s be realistic. do you need it? Would you pay the same amount for a less exciting, less well-equipped car, but with 80km of range? No, probably not. This is a city car, so you should plan to use it as such. If you need to travel 300 miles away in a hurry, you need to either rent the right car or treat this trip as extraordinary and plan accordingly. Two-stop fast charging strategy.



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